August 2007

Dear Colleagues:

Together, we have accomplished enormous positive change in our Company since we first issued our Standards of Global Business Practices in September of 2004. This transformation has been driven by our people, aligned around a new, high-performance way of working. At the center of our culture is operating with business integrity.

Business integrity means doing the right thing. It starts with following the letter and spirit of the law, as well as the letter and spirit of our own policies and procedures. But it also means following our own moral compass to do what is right, even when the rules are not clear. It means seeking advice when there is any doubt about what is right to do.

This booklet and the other elements of Schering-Plough's Global Compliance and Business Practices program are designed to give colleagues the knowledge they need to do their jobs in full compliance with the law and Company policies. All colleagues can be confident that whenever they do the right thing, they will receive the Company's full support.

However, this booklet and our Global Compliance and Business Practices program are only guides. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of Schering-Plough colleagues, individually and collectively, to do the right thing.

Please read the booklet carefully. In addition to describing a number of important compliance laws and policies, it offers examples of some business integrity questions that you may face. However, it is not designed to answer every possible question that might arise. If you have questions about how the Standards apply to your responsibilities or a specific situation, seek advice from your manager or a member of the Global Compliance and Business Practices, Global Law or Global Human Resources departments. You can also contact any Executive Management Team member. Our signatures represent our commitment to the Standards of Global Business Practices and all the elements of "Leading with Integrity."


Executive Management Team


“This website has been designed to model the Standards of Global Business Practices Book. Blank pages in the book have not been captured, therefore pages 30, 52, 60, 61 and 62 have been excluded from this website.”


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